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"On the surface, the world looks very much like the one outside your bedroom window. The same people are walking the same dirty streets, the same animals rummage through the same garbage, and the same mindless drivel is shown on the same television stations.

But sometimes that world just doesn't seem right. You wake up one morning and get the feeling that something isn't as it should be. Why did Barack Obama go from being unknown to President-elect in less than two years? Why do social programs purported to serve the poor instead increase the wealth gap? What is the government really paying for when it spends seventy-five dollars for a screwdriver? Why do more questions lead to fewer answers, and each answer leads to more questions?

Only rarely can you see see what defines your world. This is the nature of conspiracies. This is the nature of Conspiracy X."

What is Conspiracy X?Edit

First published by Eden Studios, Inc. in 1996, and subsequently made compatible with both Steve Jackson Games' GURPS comprehensive role-playing game system and with Eden Studios' own comprehensive Unisystem, Conspiracy X is the most realized and detailed role-playing game in the "espionage and conspiracy" fiction genre popularized by television programs such as but not limited to Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Fringe and Stranger Things. Interweaving fictional story with factual historical events and organizations, the effectively invites players to look over their shoulder, or out their window at night, and wonder who or what they can count on.

Proceeding from a basic premise, as all fiction must, whether interactive or passive, the basic Conspiracy X "canon" poses the following simple, underlying questions:

  • What if extraterrestrials really were present on Earth?
  • How much would human governments know about it?
  • Of what they might know, what would they try to cover up, and why?
  • If there were a cover up, who else might try to oppose or expose it?
  • Could even stranger, more inexplicable things than 'mere' extraterrestrials also be out there, somewhere in the unknown?

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